Personal Safety

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All people in their work places require information about personal safety; this is the same for dancers. As with some other groups of workers in the night time work there are some particular personal safety considerations.

In providing this information we do not assume that dancers feel unsafe at work, indeed research has found that on the whole most dancers feel safe working in clubs.  This information is provided in recognition that dancers like all workers should have access to personal safety information that is relevant to them.

The information provided here is based on; tips about personal safety given by dancers themselves from a consultation carried out by researchers at the University of Leeds and information from personal safety experts based at the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. The Suzy Lamplugh Trust have for over 25 years pioneered the issue of personal safety, they educate and support people to help reduce the risks of violence and aggression.  They have produced personal safety information and advice for people in a range of sectors of the labour market.