Physical Safety

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It is very rare, if not unheard of, for clubs to offer any kind of ‘sick pay’ or compensation in the event that you are unable to work due to injury at work. In fact, if you do not provide enough notice they may charge you that night’s house fee even though you haven’t been able to earn any money.  So taking care of your self is an important priority.

  • Keep your eyes on the carpet for lumps and bumps to avoid trips and injuries.
  • Watch for spilt drinks and slippery floors on the pole area and wider club floor, especially where there is not carpet.
  • Ensure candle wax or liquid pole grip is available for grip.
  • Check for broken glass on the floor; especially if you are barefoot anytime.
  • If you have to climb on stools to access the stage, make sure these are safe.
  • Prepare yourself for the pain of working over 6 hours in high heels!  Invest in quality shoes where possible and products to protect and care for feet.
  • Be careful around any steps or stairs, especially in low lighting and when consuming alcohol.
  • Be aware of your own alcohol limitations and consider the effect of not eating properly before a shift.
  • Be aware that it may take time to adjust to using the pole and that you may have bruises before you master your technique.
  • Dancers should carry some plasters in their work kit in case the venue does not supply these items and you lose out on earning money if you are unable to work due to a cut.
  • Remember if you get injured you need to claim benefits.

I knew a girl who broke her foot and was unable to dance for a long time. It took her a long time to access benefits (and even then she was struggling as she has no savings).

N.B In tips for being a Smart Dancer  a main tip from dancers to dancer is to save for the quiet times and to help support yourself should you not be able to work due to injury or other reasons. Some dancers take out a personal injury and sickness insurance policy.