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The GMB trade union, one of the largest in the UK, has a Branch for dancers and others who work in adult entertainment. This offers specialised support and benefits, as well as all the services available to all GMB members. It is easy to join and membership fees are low – currently £78 a year, payable monthly at £6.50/month.

Member benefits include:

  • representation at work and advice on work-related issues by someone who knows the business and is on your side
  • legal advice on any subject
  • advice on issues around self-employment and your rights at work and specialised legal advice on work-related issues - GMB wins over £50 million each year for members who have been injured or made ill at work
  • representation on criminal matters by a firm with award winning client care; advice about finding an expert witness if for any reason you are taken to court
  • financial support with training or further education
  • immigration and visa advice
  • health insurance
  • tax advice
  • performers’ Third Party liability insurance
  • protection for you and your family regarding accidents and personal injury
  • and discounts on goods and services including
  • Open University courses
  • specialist builders
  • hotel accommodation
  • bespoke corsets
  • accountants with expertise in supporting people paid in cash

In addition to benefits to individual members, GMB is working to get dancers’ voices heard in the workplace and in the political discussions that affect dancers. GMB has full political representation in the House of Commons and House of Lords, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. At a local level, we have more sponsored councillors than another other organisation – a good way to express GMB values to local government across the UK that can enable our members to be heard. We have campaigned against the “Nil Policy” and club closures, successfully keeping venues open when local authorities were planning to close them down. We are also involved in meeting local authority licensing officials across the country, lobbying for inclusion of dancers’ concerns and welfare issues in the licensing agreements that regulate clubs – for example, 

  • limits on the number of dancers per shift 
  • minimum payments and a clear, fair payment structure
  • a good working environment (e.g., heating levels, changing facilities, secure personal storage)
  • ensuring dancers are informed about the terms of the venue license

To find out more, go to or call 020 7697 1058.