Why tax? Why me?

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Are you working in the striptease industry?

Do you have another job?

Claiming benefits?

Should you also be paying tax?

Don’t wait on a surprise visit from the tax man – unnanounced, out of hours visits are regularly carried out to establishments, including adult entertainment  venues, to ensure that both the business and all individuals working within the premises are compliant for tax, national insurance and benefits.

Any benefits will be reworked, but are unlikely to be completely withdrawn and you may have access to new benefits, pension rights, sickness benefits, and you will also have a financial history to support any future job or loan application, as well as peace of mind.

It’s quite simple – if you are earning then you are liable to be paying tax – either as an employee or as self employed.

Registering now could save you money in the long run. If HM Revenue & Customs find that you are not registered to pay tax when liable to do so, you will have fines and penalties to pay on top of the backdated tax on your income.

A simple step by step guide covering how to register and comply with your tax obligations follows, with links to the relevant help lines and official contact points.